New Baby Essentials

Every parent wants their baby to look stylish and retailers have very good marketing technique that appeal to adult fashion sense. This is why baby shopping is so complicated.  It’ll take a lot of willpower not to load up your shopping basket with all the adorable baby’s stuff.

We provide you a  essential checklist of what you should have on hand when your baby arrives.

Here’s a quick overview


Most parents will set up a cot in the nursery. For daytime nap station in the living room parent can either get a baby carrier, moses basket or a baby bean bag. You’ll need bedding for these, usually two sets of sheets and one or two swaddles.

For peace of mind, get a low-emission baby monitors give you the best of both worlds.


Onesies,  sleepsuits , body suits, vests, cardigans, mittens and a couple of hats are essentials items to get. Half a dozen sets should be good to start with, especially as clothes are a top choice for gifts so you might end up with way more than you expected. Get popper free sleep suit which will make changing much more easier than ones you pull on.


The basics to get are a car seat, a buggy and a baby carrier. You might also want to think about accessories like fleeces, covers and a few toys to keep your newborn entertained.

Changing Bag

Changing bag is an essential item when you are on the go. It’s a great way to carry all your baby’s essential such as a change of baby clothes, nappies, creams, wipes and feeding bottles. Try to get a changing bag that comes with a folding changing mat, which is crucial for nappy changing.


Newborns don’t need any toiletries for the first few months, washing with water is fine. A baby bath will help to making bathing your infant much more easier. A couple of super-soft towels will make bath time extra cosy.


If you’re breastfeeding but you might want to look into a pump and a couple of bottles so someone else can take a feed.  Pick up couple of tops and pajamas, some burp cloths, nursing pads and nursing cream.


Start with a cot and then add other items like cot mobile, nursing chairs, which some mums find really helpful.


Toys, books, mobiles and playmats are fun to buy, but don’t forget people will buy them as gifts. Just wait until after the birth and see what you need? Remember the first few weeks your newborn will just sleep.

Something for you

While you’re shopping for your baby, don’t forget to pick up some treats for yourself. Being a mum is hard work, so you definitely deserve to treat yourself to something nice.