About Us

Embarking on parenthood is a bit like being expected to find your way in a Amazon forest with no map and no guide. Unfortunately newborn babies don’t come with an instruction manual, which can make becoming a first time parent daunting. We recognise that the birth of a child is a turning point in people’s lives and also the most exciting time of their life.  However it can be bewildering, exhausting and scary times too. We are here to help families set off on this incredible journey.

As a new parent you’re bound to have questions on everything from what to buy, how to handle your newborn baby, getting breastfeeding started, soothing your crying baby to helping your baby to sleep.

We aim to empower new parents and parents-to-be with expert knowledge, advice and guidance. We provide tips and advice of the baby things you need to get for your newborn. However do wait till you have a baby shower as you’ll receive gifts such as baby clothes and all the little items you’ll need.

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We hope you enjoy browsing through our site and please contact us if you have any queries.

For any enquiries please contacts us at info@linsbabygifts.com