It is often hard to find a perfect gift to celebrate a new baby’s arrival. In fact, this is one of the most special occasions where friends and families attempt to come up with gifts that combined sentiment and practicality as well as provide value to both the parent and the baby at the same time. We provide guidance of some of the unique baby gifts to get.

1. Gifts from the heart

Hand knitted blankets, mittens, hats, cardigans and booties made especially for their baby top the list of my favourite presents as they were made with love and it is a gift from the heart.

2.  Toys that help baby grow and learn

The best way babies learn is though play. Toys help to entertain the infant and allow them to get to sleep easier, they are an important part of the health development of any child. One of the best gift is a nice simple, good quality baby toy.

3. Bedding, baby blankets/quilts

A baby blanket is a great gift given the amount of time that the baby is going to spend sleeping over the next year.  When you consider the large portion of their day is focused on resting, it would become clear that a baby blanket is probably one of the most useful items to get. Do purchase blankets that are very soft in texture, as to provide comfort to the child.

Quilts can be another great gift as these are essential for colder weather.

4. Baby crib

One of my other favourite baby’s gift is a crib that folds and unfolds in a minute. It’s perfect for travelling and also very useful for putting the baby in while doing household chores.

5. Baby bean bag chair

Another great gift is the baby bean bag chair for babies who are not yet able to roll and move themselves around. Baby bean bag is soft, cosy and perfect for lounging or napping.

6. Nappy cake

A nappy cake is a practical and pretty gift.  A nappy cake is a supply of nappies built into a cake shape, often three tiered and decorated with ribbons and soft toys.

7. Baby clothes in larger sizes

Baby clothes in bigger sizes, for example, up to 12 months, are also a hit with mums. That is the baby’s wardrobe sorted out for the first year.

8. Essential items

Make up a small hamper that contains small essential items such as a baby thermometer, baby nail clippers, baby bath toiletries and nappy rash cream. It’s a great handy gift.


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